June's Theme is @First

Join us here by Livestream at 11am every Sunday

You can also try out our External link opens in new tab or windowImproved Livestream Site - includes Bible support and prayer function!

Calgary Pregnancy Care Center - Baby Bottle Campaing 2021:  External link opens in new tab or windowDonate Now!

, Discipling your kids

Grades 7-12 is our Youth Group:

- Every Tuesday night @ 7:30pm by Zoom, alternating between Bible Study & Book Study (Current book is "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan)

- Every Friday night @ 7pm, alternating In-the-building and by Zoom

Grades 4-6:

- Every other Thursday at 7pm by Zoom

Grades 3 & Younger:

- We will have you back in the building as soon as we can on Sundays - that means June 6th!! Register Now!

This summer, it's time to go OOO! Here's more info:

Want another great option to engage some kids with fun and the Gospel? Look no further, it's time to BOLT into action!!

Here's a video to encourage your family devotions along and you'll want to External link opens in new tab or windowdownload the printable as well ... :

Need more details or have questions?  Let us know - just use the handy contact form right below!