Protecting Children: A Priority

We believe it is critical to provide a safe and secure environment for the Christian teaching and nurture of our children (defined as any person under 18 years old). As such, we have adopted our Children's First Policy.

All Children Volunteers undergo background checks.  All Church staff and volunteers who participate in children's activities are screened by a member of the Children's First Board.

Kids Connect

Sunday Mornings weekly 9:15 - 10:15 am (Sept to mid-June)

Our goal is to create an environment that is both educational and entertaining.  We want to capture your child’s imagination, intrigue them, and set them on a course of discovery of God's plan for their lives!  We have three distinct classes for your pre-youth kids:

Children's Ministry


Kids Worship

Sunday mornings weekly, during worship service

(Except on Family Service Sundays!)

We start our worship service all together - and then about half way through kids Grade 2 and younger have the option of heading out to KIDS WORSHIP - a time of teaching, exploring and worshipping aimed specifically at their level OR they can stay in with their family if the parents choose.

Once every 6 weeks or so we feature a Family Service where the kids stay for the entire service and the service itself is geared to be a bit different - you might encounter a youth skit, a special musical number from a gradeschooler, Kindergarteners helping out with a special project or something else.  We believe that everyone can and should be involved in Worship and this is one way we encourage it!

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